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Cesspool of Sin - EP Version

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Cesspool Of Sin

a man from the State House was quoted today
with a cold disposition neither happy nor gay
like a tragedy scored by sad violins
he called our fair city a cesspool of sin

he said, “there once was a time in this forsaken place
when a man was a man, and a boy knew his place
when the cotton was picked, and the shoes were all shined
and a man of distinction had sweet peace of mind.”

“it was a much simpler time, it was too good to last
these kids here today have no love for the past
with rings in their noses, and tattoos on their skin
they’re turning this town into a cesspool of sin.”

it's a cesspool of sin, it's a bastion of shame
a town that is giving our great state a bad name
but call us what you will, we’ll take it on the chin
welcome now entering the Cesspool of Sin

He concluded his talk and thanked all the press
but the Senator could not ever possibly guess
that we’d listen politely and take it in stride
and even wear it as a badge of honor and pride

Did we cease and desist? Did we pray and repent?
Take leave or offense? Refute or resent?
no, the town folk embraced it with an ear-to-ear grin
saying welcome, now entering the cesspool of sin


Lyrics copyright ©2015 by Brian Claflin