"(Just Like) Indiana In The Summertime" - for (& about) Mike Pence

Some songs become topical all over again! This song title is a direct quote from Mike Pence from the Iraq war. If you weren't an Indiana native, you might not have heard much about him for a while after that - - until he became second in line to the throne in the U.S.! Read the news story that described the event here: NPR: Pence Calls Baghdad "Just Like Indiana In the Summertime"

Download of the song available at: Brian Claflin - Music page

"(Just Like) Indiana In The Summertime" (words & music copyright ©2020 by Brian Claflin) 

I'm a national guard from the Hoosier state,   
my guts were saved by this armor plate 
when I took a bad hit to the side of my head 
they say I'm lucky to be more alive than dead 

there's a shade of a chance that I might walk again 
my speech may return but I guess until then 
I'll just keep these thoughts to myself and see 
what my elected official has to say about me 

I can't decide if it's amusing or cruel, they 
sent a delegation on April Fool's 
declaring the capital of the front line 
safe as mother's milk, just like Indiana in the summertime 

it's hard to know exactly whether to take 
it all seriously or as an honest mistake 
those Washington boys always hedge their bets 
maybe it's a joke that I just don't get 

the sun shone down on the Congressman 
for all the eyes of the world to scan 
in a bullet proof vest, a twinkle in his eye 
while a few black hawks circled up in the sky 

with a hundred good men being all they can be 
out for a Sunday drive in their new humvees 
feel like I've been here before, what does this remind me of? 
Oh, I've got it! It's just like Indiana in the summertime  

he came to my suite at the VA club 
and said he'd fix the leaks and replace the rug 
then he flew to the market where I took my hit 
and charmed us all with his wisdom and wit 
you know, he's a veteran himself, so I guess 
I should trust in him, 'cause he seems to know best 
he says everything is perfectly fine 
out there in the desert, just like Indiana in the summertime 

when I first signed up I would never have thought 
that I'd really end up having served and fought 
even just taking shots at University kids, 
let alone 'round the world, doing what I did 

coming home to where nobody seems to know 
what the news cameras all still refuse to show 
winning a purple heart, and losing face 
between "a rock" and another hard place 

there's car bomb going off down the street 
that was close, I nearly got out with both my feet 
what with that, the snipers, and the odd landmine 
it's a sweet haven, just like Indiana in the summertime 

I'm a national guard from the Hoosier state 
did I miss anything? I'm sorry I'm late 
the pain's all gone, and I'm walking proud 
through the ticker tape in the cheering crowd 

the birds are singing in the bright sunshine 
and I'm seein' all these dear lost buddies of mine, 
I swear to god, I thought you boys was dead 
last I knew, you were wrapped up in blue white and red 

Who knows if the senator's wrong or right 
it hardly matters from within this white light 
so strangely familiar, and so sublime 
feels just like home, just like Indiana in the summertime