And so it begins.

Egad, what have you wrought? Giving me a blog is like giving a monkey a gun. Which reminds me of a song I meant to write.

But I digress.

Howdy, gang! Here's one of my newest songs, "Tearing My Mountain Down", as recorded by my housemate with her phone, on my back porch:

"Tearing My Mountain Down" by Brian Claflin - Porch video

It's my anti-Mountaintop Removal (and, by association, anti-Fracking) song. I've been invited to sing it on August 4 in downtown Asheville at tjhe "Mountain Moral Monday" rally:  Mountain Moral Monday August 4, 2014 

Saro Lynch will be joining me on stage, a film crew will be documenting the event and putting together a more produced music video for the studio version of the song, which I'll soon be recording with both Saro and another frequent collaborator, Ellie Grace.

Speaking of Ellie, she & I have formed a singing and songwriting partnership, and are polishing up the final touches on our debut duo CD. We aren't quite sure what to call ourselves yet, but look here soon for a link to our duo web page!

I seem to be surrounded by incredibly talented musical women in Asheville. I am also currently rehearsing with Hannah Kaminer and friends, for her first real studio recording. It's gonna be great, the songs are really shaping up.

Yes, I do sometimes collaborate with males. The very talented Nate Spencer is a fellow Kaminer band-mate, and the three of us are working towards a set of songs as a trio. Alas, my storyteller dad Willy Claflin will not be at the National Storytelling Festival this year, but rest assured I will be joining him in October of 2015.

And that's all the news that's fit to pixilate! Thanks for stopping by.